Update Guest List

Log in using your home phone # as the User ID, together with the PIN # (4 or 5 digits) you created when registering your gate transponder. You can either add people or vendors to your permanent guest list, or add them temporarily (such as a vendor who should only be permitted access for one or two days).

If you are entering the name of a company (vendor), rather than an individual, enter the name of the company (“AquaClean”) in the Last Name field. You can enter the service function (“Pool Service”) in the First Name field, or just enter the letter “A” (the system won’t let you leave it blank).

To add a person or vendor to your permanent list, set Entry Type to “Repeat Access” and Entry Date to “Permanent.”

The Guest Delete button displays the list of individuals and vendors currently in the system. Check off any you want to remove.

Click the button to display the form (website operated by our gate security company opens in a separate browser tab).

If the online system doesn’t work, notify:

11784 W. Sample Road #103
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Office (954) 752 8119

Property Manager: Joann Bedia

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