Resident’s Guide

Whether you are a new homeowner, or just want a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities, these are some guidelines we hope you will take time to read and understand.

Venetian Isles is governed by a Board of Directors, elected from among the residents every year. When you closed on your home, you signed an agreement to pay dues to the neighborhood association, which in turn works to protect our common interests. Your Board of Directors hopes that by working closely with you, we can help everyone achieve the goals and objectives of our community. We also look forward to seeing each and every one of you at a future board meeting.

Association fees are due on the 1st of each month. Expenses covered by this fee include:

  • Landscape services including mowing, edging, basic fertilization, and trimming of trees, shrubs, and hedges.
  • Maintenance of the common areas, such as the area around the gate.
  • Cable TV (“expanded basic service” from Advanced Cable Communications)
  • Monitoring of your home security system
  • Controlled access entry gate (see access procedures)
  • Use of the tennis courts at Eagle Trace, when not otherwise booked. To check on court availability, call the Pro Shop at (954) 341-1020.
  • UPDATE 2012:Access to the park adjacent to our community. The automated gate to the park requires a security key fob. Venetian Isles residents may obtain two key fobs free with proof of residence. This must be obtained from the property management firm employed by the Lake Coral Springs Master Association:
    Integrity Property Management
    5665 Coral Ridge Drive  Coral Springs, FL 33076
    (954) 346-0677

Management Company

The Venetian Isles Community Association hires a property management company that is responsible for collecting fees and managing the money we spend on services such as landscaping and security, as well as the quality of service of various contractors.

For most routine issues, contact the management company (see our see our contacts page). If you are not satisfied with the management company’s response to your concerns, notify the association’s Board of Directors.


Gate Access Procedures

The guard will call you at the home phone number you provided when visitors arrive. If you expect guests, you may call the guard house in advance at (954)575-7844  (954)575-7844. You can also provide the guard with a list of people who should be allowed access on a regular basis.

After hours access:

An automated system is in effect when the guard is not present. Visitors use a call box at the gate to look up homeowners by name, and the system will dial the home phone number you provided. Press “9” to open the gate.