Life in Venetian Isles is governed by several sets of rules, including city ordinances, neighborhood covenants, and board rulings. The rules are meant to protect the quality of life for all of us, as well as the resale value of our homes.

To understand the legally binding rules of the community, please consult your Venetian Isles Document Book. You should have received a copy of this at the time of closing on your home, and part of the closing process is an agreement to abide by these community standards. If you do not have a copy, please contact our property management firm (see contacts).

As a convenience to residents, we have also created an online version of the Community Documents that includes amendments that may not be in older editions of the book.

The guidelines below are not a substitute for our formal rules and regulations, but these are some of the highlights you should be aware of:

  • Before making any material change to the exterior of your house or to the surrounding landscaping, you must receive an architectural approval from a committee of the board (see below for more details). Download the application.
  • A standard paint palette for painting of homes within Venetian Isles was adopted in 2005. A book containing the standard color samples is available at the guard house, or you may use this list of Sherwin-Williams color codes as a guideline. Residents must obtain specific approval for the paint colors to be used on their home before repainting.
  • You may also need a separate approval from the City of Coral Springs. For example, the city must approve any repainting of the exterior of your home. For more details, see the City of Coral Springs website. City approvals are required in addition to, not instead of, approval of the association’s Architectural Control Committee.
  • No signs. This includes political posters, commercial notices, and “for rent” or “for sale” signs. One exception: a small sign from your security monitoring firm, discreetly located close to your home.
  • No outdoor clothes drying area is allowed.
  • No pickup trucks or commercial vehicles of any kind are permitted to be parked within Venetian Isles for a period of more than four hours. No buses, campers, mobile homes, or disabled vehicles are permitted.
  • No boats or boat trailers may be kept at your home, unless they can be stored in an area where they are not visible from the road. (Lakeside homeowners have generally been allowed to keep boats at the water’s edge, and some homeowners may be able to store small boats on a back porch.)
  • Please observe the 15 MPH speed limit and encourage visitors to do the same.
  • Anyone walking a pet be considerate of others and remove any animal waste. Animals must be leashed and in general prevented from becoming a nuisance to your neighbors.

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee reviews applications for improvements by the individual resident homeowners. The improvement requests are compared with the restrictions and guidelines as published in the documents all homeowners agreed to when purchasing their homes in Venetian Isles. The requests are approved, rejected, or modified with the consent of the homeowner using the community standards.

All improvements, whether it is a flag pole, exterior house painting, any exterior changes or additions to the original construction by Lennar, landscaping, or pool installation, for example, must be submitted to the Committee prior to any work being performed. From time to time, the ACC may suggest changes or additions to clarify or amend our community standards.

Our goal is to implement all restrictions and covenants in our documents fairly and uniformly so that the quality of appearance and demeanor of Venetian Isles that attracted us to purchase a home may be maintained.

As with all Associations, there are enforcement procedures to assure that those who may otherwise disagree with the Community Standards will be obligated to comply. We hope to make it a rare occasion that a fine or other penalty will be required. The Board’s actions in these matters is only one of fulfilling its fiduciary obligations under the documents to which we all agreed upon purchasing a home here, to preserve and protect the value of our homes.

Please respect this process and believe us when we say the last thing we want is to stop you from improving your property. We recognize that the enhancements added by individual homeowners improve the entire community, and we want to say “yes” to genuine improvements whenever possible, with a minimum of hassle or delay.


The management company will conduct regular inspections and notify homeowners of violations of the community standards. Homeowners will be given a reasonable opportunity to comply, but if they do not they can be fined $100 a day up to a maximum of $1,000.

Before fines are charged, homeowners have a right to request a hearing. The hearing panel, which consists of 3 residents (who may not be board members), will determine whether the fine is justified.